Salvatore Coppola-Finegan

Sustainability Science, Sustainable Development, Regenerative Socio-Ecological Systems


Salvatore Coppola-Finegan is a transdisciplinary Researcher at the University of Luxembourg, in the field of Sustainability Science and Regenerative Socio-Ecological Systems. His other research interests also include Sustainable and Ethical Digitalisation, History, and Linguistics. His experience demonstrates that multiple disciplinary approaches can generate novel research questions, as well as propose directly applicable solutions to real world complex problems. He believes in solutions built in dialogue from different perspectives, with consensus as a shared objective.

His previous public sector experience in Costa Rica includes having served as Chief Special Advisor to the Head of the Government Bench in the Legislative Assembly; as an invited expert in the Government’s VII National Energy Plan 2015-2030; as a legislative advisor in the national dialogue process on Sustainable Fisheries; and as a regional and national Ministerial Board Member in the National Conservation System, part of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. In Academia he was previously a lecturer, project manager and researcher at the Universidad de Costa Rica, a lecturer at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica and Universidad Técnica Nacional, and was regularly invited as a panel member and keynote speaker at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

In the private sector Salvatore is an entrepreneur at the interface of Sustainability and Digitalisation, and has past management and consultancy experience globally (UK, USA, Central America, Germany, South East Asia, and Luxembourg) with companies in diverse sectors such as Software and IT, Heavy Industry, Retail, Legal, Banking, and Logistics. Salvatore speaks English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

In 2023, Salvatore’s book on the past, present, and future of sustainable family forestry in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (480 pages, in German, ISBN 978-2-919963-89-8) was published for the 90th anniversary of the Lëtzebuerger Privatbësch. The book launch took place during the celebrations in the presence of His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, MPs, officials, and more than 400 international forestry experts and other VIPs. The book demonstrates Luxembourg’s commitment to sustainable forestry practices and environmental management, and the publication hopes to promote the regeneration of the country’s forests in the context of the challenges of climate change. It is on-sale at Ernster.

More about the book here:

As a life-long Scout, he is trying to leave this world a little better than he found it; and is passionate about a sustainable and prosperous future for all of us, our civilisations, and life on this planet.

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